Like every year abah mesti kena tahan hospital since 2010 dulu.

Abah has diabetes, awal tahun mesti kena tahan, rasa macam every year wajib kena tahan pun ada ahah abah makan semua control, medicines semua ambik, tak pernah tinggal, but one thing dia tak boleh control, rokok. Darn it i hate cigarettes, abah said dia boleh mati kalau takda rokok. That's annoying.

My dad is a hardcore smoker, he could smoke one pack 12 cigarettes, per day. Gila babs okay, i've told him to stop smoking but he would not listen because he is already addicted to cigarettes. Every day i nagged my dad to quit smoking but he would always respond "rokok ni nyawa abah, tak boleh pisah" and he said that he has stress and needs something to alleviate it.

Oh god macam takda benda lain to release stress, aku pulak stress lebih. He spends thousands of ringgit a year to have that temporary pleasure and calmness. Bila abah hisap rokok, i'll say "aduh rokok, aduh pening, aduh nak mati, mintak nyawa" then jeling ahahahaha ok derhaka tu jangan buat! Bila cakap macam tu mesti abah gelak and i was like i'm serious la.

Nak je ambik rokok tu and throw away. It is time for me to save my dad from those evil cigarettes i want him to take care of his own health as he really care of my health. I love my dad, i really need him. Ya Allah please watch over my dad and take care of him, amin ya rabbal alamin

Stay strong stay healthy daddie me love you