I still remembered that day when you said you promised to never leave me again, 

What happened? 

The words "Selamat pagi sayang" tu still stuck in my head alahai rindunya 

Tak berani nak cari balik takut benda sama jadi, 

Quite honestly sometimes i wish i could just forget everything about you, i wish i didn't remember all our insider jokes, the times we laughed and i wish i could forget everything because it only hurt me in the end. 

You left, just like everyone else does, that's what hurt more than anything. 

Sometimes i wonder if you still think about me, don't you? I pretend like i don't care about you but ah that kills me

I really miss you, i can honestly say i miss having you in my life, now i miss everything we had, and it gets really hard sometimes. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be

Cibai ah my fingers actually shake a little as i write this. 

Masa rock the world 12 haritu aku nampak kau, you were wearing blue shirt kan? I feel so excited masa nampak kau tu but at the same time i'm so scared nak tegur idk why

Maybe someday in a place far far away we'll meet again and continue where we left. 

We haven’t talked in a long time and i'm trying to be okay with that. 

I miss you so much, take care buddy